Slow Food Columbia is one of 200+ Slow Food USA chapters, located in Columbia, South Carolina. Our mission is to support the movement behind GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR foodways in the Midlands and beyond. Our convivium hosts workshops, potlucks and other events throughout the year to celebrate local + seasonal flavors; to showcase the culinary talents of our region's chefs, farmers, + artisan producers; to strengthen connections between members of our local food community; and to educate the public about the importance of knowing where your food comes from.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Meeting Recap and Next Steps

Many thanks to those who attended our February meeting. As a reminder, our next meeting will be at Hunter Gatherer on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 6:30 pm.

For those of you who couldn't make it to this month's meeting, here's a recap of what was discussed.

* Convivium Calendar: this spreadsheet is the start of a calendar for our efforts and events. This will be added to as the year progresses and will be the best way to stay abreast of our goals and how your volunteer efforts can support Slow Food Columbia.

* Having a regular presence at the All-Local Farmer's Market: if you're interested in volunteering for one- or two-hour blocks at the Farmer's Market to represent Slow Food and talk to people about the mission, efforts and events, then please review the 2009 calendar and email or post a comment to our blog and let us know what date and time frames you'd like to do.

* An important task for every convivium is to develop some sort of educational program (often called "Slow Food in Schools"). Based on some connections of our founding members, we're aiming to begin programs with the Public Library and a local Home Schooling group. Again, if you're interested in volunteering with either of these efforts, email

* Slow Food Exchange: a founding member will be investigating the development of a program for farmers who do not have access to farmer's markets and do not run CSAs to see if a connection to consumers can be made.

* Other topics discussed included: Permaculture in Columbia, an upcoming Urban Farm in Owen's Field and a possible Runaway Runway partnership (as well as outfit submission for the show!).

We look forward to hearing how you'd like to get involved with any of the above programs.

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