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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 Green Resources for Eco-Friendly Schools

We received a tip-off on this terrific list of 50 online resources for eco-friendly schools from

Take a look!

50 Online Resources for Eco-Friendly Schools

"Schools produce lots of things – honor roll students, star athletes, influential teachers and some of the largest amounts of waste. Educational settings have been known to waste energy, food, water and paper on a daily basis."

"Thanks to the ongoing green movement, many schools now understand their impact on the environment and how it can be improved. Today’s eco-friendly schools are sustainable, energy efficient and better for the planet. With baby steps and big efforts, any school can transform into an eco-friendly environment and become an example for other institutions."

"Here are 50 online resources for eco-friendly schools:

Environmental News
These environmental news sites and blogs will keep students and educators up to date on sustainability, energy efficiency and other environmental issues affecting schools.
  1. The Daily Green.
    The Daily Green is your one-stop source for green news and sustainable practices you can try at your school.
  2. Grist.
    Environmental news site, Grist, discusses environmental sustainability, climate change and living green.
  3. E Magazine.
    E Magazine is a bimonthly publication that focuses on environmental news and resources for green living.
  4. Planetsave.
    Planetsave provides going-green tips and environmental news to keep you up to date.
  5. U.S. Green Building Council.
    Learn about how your school could get LEED certified and read news about other green school buildings."
Read about the other 45 here:

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