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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where Being Slow Has Its Advantages...

In a modern society where every hour is rush hour, the ideal of being slow is typically frowned upon. While here at Slow Food we may not have an answer to ones everyday "hurry sickness," we have an answer to why slowing down in the kitchen has its benefits.

Living farm-to-table brings more than fresh taste and vitality - it's a peace of mind. Enjoying food right at its peak will not only enrich a healthier diet but will engage in a lifestyle of giving back to the earth.

Buying local gives back. It allows to invest the dollar close to home, where it continues to support the farms and small businesses in our communities and the greater region. Slow Food promotes food and health education in hosted events year-round, spreading the mission of sustainability.

When food is produced in a clean way, fewer pesticides are used, pollution is reduced and biodiversity is preserved. According to the Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC), “Transporting food long distances uses tremendous energy: it takes 435 fossil-fuel calories to fly a 5 calorie strawberry from California to New York.” 

So ask yourself, what's the rush?

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