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Monday, June 17, 2013

Take a Bite Out of Sustainability

Environmental buzzwords like local, organic and sustainable are nothing new to our ears as the phrased "green movement" continues to sweep throughout the nation. According to Ad Age, the term "sustainable" was named as one of the most "Jargoniest Jargon" words of 2010, and while companies and consumers are both searching for ways to be more socially responsible, we want to break the misuse and abuse of "sustainable" and share the slow take on it.

While local and sustainable necessarily don't mean the same thing, their importance go hand in hand. Utilizing sustainability functions through our local and regional food systems, rather the global industrial alternative, which greater negatively impacts our environment through transportation pollution, monocropping and the over-consumption of fossil fuels. On the latter, family-run farms practice sustainability through composting techniques, minimal pesticide use and less product packaging. 

The goal of sustainability is to produce food in ways that will protect the quality of public health, the environment and animal welfare on a long-term basis for our community, economy and planet.

Join us and urge the importance of sustainability in your local community!

Eat good, feel good, make for a better tomorrow.

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