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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Tradition of Togetherness

The Tradition of Togetherness

December 26, 2014

By Ariel McClain, owner The Humble Farm

Greetings fellow slow foodies, in the midst of the holiday bustle, the planning, shopping, celebrating the advents of the season with our family and friends let us muse in the joy of good tidings and cheers with gratuity for the tradition of togetherness. As we gather here and there, these, the easiest of days to express gratuity for our community producers, our work partners, our near and dear friends, neighbors, both close and distant relations; let us give thanks with our appreciation and support, let's pay it forward where we can.

Against the grain of the 'December Dilemma' with values availed centered around and about consumption, there are ethical options and locavore choices to consider. The choice to decide what we consume, where we spend our dollars and how to integrate a meaningful intention with each purchase or gesture is made easy while entertaining the wares of our local purveyors. This year I happened upon the consumer conscience alleviation while perusing a locals market of craftsman, producers and merchants, not lacking of exemplary slow foodesque exchanges of  local goodies to indulge in and gift  to. Also, not lacking in expressive holiday greetings, warm hugs with generous smiles and heart warming feelings, engaged with sincere, virtuous producers and local wares sellers, market makers and goers together in tradition.  I cannot help to take notice of the additional assuage each exchange with a local producer or crafter imbibes. 

Amidst the shopping sprees, culinary expeditions, the gatherings, the intoxication of sweet home baked treats and feasts there is inherently togetherness, heritage, goodwill, a holiday season with a legacy of humanity. This holiday motor hums of holiday bells and jingle,  as well as, sighs of content from full hearts and bellies. Past the enchanted spell of the holiday festivities, fast approaching a new year of promise and progress may we recall the brightening of fellowship, fine foods and the traditions of  togetherness we can look forward to again in all our days of the coming year.  


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